Department of Biosystematics

Department of Biosystematics includes the DU Studies and Research Centre “Ilgas” with the laboratories of the Koleopterological Research Centre located there, as well as the Forest Biodiversity Research Centre with the Botanics Laboratory, the Zoology Laboratory, as well as the Forest Biodiversity Laboratory.

Position Name, Surname
Contacts Publications
Professor Prof. Dr. biol. Arvīds Barševskis arvids.barsevskis[at] ResearchGate
Lead researcher Dr. biol. Aleksandrs Aniščenko beetl2000[at] ResearchGate
Lead researcher Dr. biol. Maksims Balalaikins maksims.balalaikins[at] ResearchGate
Lead researcher Dr. biol. Pēteris Evarts-Bunders peteris.evarts[at]
Lead researcher Dr. biol. Anna Mežaka anna.mezaka[at] ResearchGate
Lead researcher Dr. biol. Aleksejs Šavrins ashavrin[at] ResearchGate
Lead researcher Dr. biol. Uldis Valainis uldis.valainis[at] ResearchGate
Pētnieks Dr. biol. Andris Bukejs carabidae[at] ResearchGate
Pētnieks Dr. biol. Raimonds Cibuļskis raimonds.cibulskis[at] ResearchGate
Pētniece Dr. biol. Gunta Evarte-Bundere gunta.evarte[at]
Pētniece Dr. biol. Inese Kivleniece inese.kivleniece[at] ResearchGate
Pētnieks Mg. biol. Rolands Moisejevs rolands.moisejevs[at]
Pētnieks Dr. biol. Maksims Zolovs maksims.zolovs[at]
Guest lecturer

(until 17.10.2020.)

Sanita Kecko
Scientific assistant Kristīna Aksjuta kristina.aksjuta[at] ResearchGate
Scientific assistant Iveta Jakubāne iveta.jakubane[at]
Scientific assistant Dana Krasnopoļska dana.krasnopolska[at]
Scientific assistant Anita Rukmane anitakraslava[at]
Science technician Aivars Dunskis
Science technician Marina Janovska marina.janovska[at] ResearchGate
Science technician Kristaps Kairišs
Science technician Edgars Kucins edgars.kucins[at]
Science technician Jūlija Kanto
Science technician Dace Stepanova
Science technician Inita Svilāne
Science technician Anastasija Vasiļjeva
GIS expert Mg. vid. plan. Māris Nitcis maris.nitcis[at]


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