Department of Technology

There are three technology centres in the Department of Technology – G. Liberta Innovative Microscopy Centre, Belarus-Latvia Science Innovative Reinforcement Technology Centre and Mathematical Research Centre. Key Equipment of Department of Technology – Atomic force microscop, electron scanning microscope equipped with EDX/BSED detectors and electron lithography system, X-ray difractometer, laser scanning confocal microscope, femtosecond laser system, high-vacuum equipment for obtaining nanoparticles and nano-overlays, holographic recording and duplicating machine and more.

In the field of industrial laser technologies, Department of Technology operates an industry robot COOK KR 30HA (High Accurasy) with A COOK DKP-400 positioner, a Ytterbium Fiber Laser YLR-1000 optical-fiber laser with a wavelength of 1070 nm and an optical power of 1000W.

Professor Prof. Dr. phys. Edmunds Tamanis edmunds.tamanis[at] ResearchGate
Lead researcher Dr.phys Vjačeslavs Gerbreders vjaceslavs.gerbreders[at]
Lead researcher Dr.phys Andrejs Bulanovs andrejs.bulanovs[at] ResearchGate
Lead researcher Dr.phys Ēriks Sļedevskis eriks.sledevskis[at] ResearchGate
Lead researcher Ph. D. Pēteris Daugulis peteris.daugulis[at] ResearchGate
Researcher Irēna Mihailova irena.mihailova[at] ResearchGate
Researcher Andrejs Ogurcovs andrejs.ogurcovs[at] ResearchGate
Researcher Dr. phys. Marina Krasovska marina.krasovska[at] ResearchGate
Researcher Pāvels Drozdovs pavels.drozdovs[at] ResearchGate
Electronics engineer Sergejs Ločs sergejs.locs[at] ResearchGate
Electronics engineer Valdis Mizers valdis.mizers[at]
Electronics engineer Guntis Spriņģis guntis.springis[at]
Scientific asitent Jānis Sniķeris janis.snikeris[at]
Physics technician Vadims Kolbjonoks vadims.kolbjonoks[at] ResearchGate


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